The Swiss American Historical Society Review (SAHSR) is published 3 times yearly. The Review is dedicated to articles, reviews, obituaries, and reports dealing with the topics of interest to the Society.

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Issue Number and/or Date

June 2014


Paul Hostettler, “The Use of the Terms Piemontese, Waldenses, and Exiles in the Bernese Council Manuals of the Seventeenth Century.”

Kurt Winkler, “Fritz Zwicky and the Search for Dark Matter.”

Heidi Gander-Wolf, “Once a Swiss Winegrower Colony Named CHABAG in Russia, Now a Modern Winegrower Center Called SHABO in the Ukraine.”

Dwight Page, “The 2013 Swiss Referendum on Executive Salary CAPS, and the Swiss response to the Current Global Economic Crisis.”

Book Reviews

Clive H. Church and Randolph Head, A Concise History of Switzerland. Review by Robert Sherwood.

Hunt Janin, with Ursula Carlson, Mercenaries in Medieval and Renaissance Europe. Review by William John Shepherd.

Ralph Weaver, Three Weeks in November: A Military History of the Swiss Civil War of 1847. Review by Kevin Cronin.

Cedric Humair, 1848: La Naissance de la Suisse morderne. Review by Dwight Page.

February 2014


Nicholas Ferraro, “The Extraordinary Life of John Sutter.”

Susann Bosshard-Kaelin, “Exploring Life Paths: On Becoming an Interview Journalist.”

J. Edward de Steiguer, “Exploring Swiss-American Deep Ancestry: A Personal Venture into Genetic Genealogy.”

Albert Winkler, “The Federal Charter of 1291 and the Founding of the Swiss State.”

Dwight Page, “The Swiss and the Iranian Hostage Crisis.”

Book Reviews

Didier Davin and Joudineau, Allied Swiss Troops in French Service, 1785-1815. Review by Kevin Cronin.

Jean-Francçois de Buren, A Voyage Across the Americas: The Journey of Henri de Buren, 1852-1854. Review by Christopher Cumo.

Albert L. Hurtado, John Sutter: A Life on the North American Frontier. Review by Evan C. Rothera.

Alexander T. Campbell, The Royal American Regiment: An Atlantic Microcosm, 1755-1772. Review by Kevin Grimm.

Simon Teuscher, Lords’ Rights and Peasant Stories: Writing and the Formation of Tradition in the Later Middle Ages. Review by Wendell G. Johnson.

Diccon Bewes, Swiss Watching: Inside the Land of Milk and Money. Review by Robin A. Harper.

November 2013

From the Swiss library of Donald G. Tritt, Ph.D.

June 2013


Kurt Winkler, “Robert Julius Trumpler and the Cosmos: The Contributions of a Swiss American Astronomer.”

Brian Wages, “Officer, Poet and Spy: The Many Lives of John André.”

Albert Winkler, “Herbert Hoover and Belgian Relief: The Philanthropy of a Swiss American President.”


Carla Kelly, ed., On the Upper Missouri: The Journal of Friederich Kurz, 1851-1852. Review by Victoria M. Breting-Garcia.

Rob Morris, The Wild Blue Yonder and Beyond: The 95th Bomb Group in War and Peace. Review by Candice Quinn.

Kevin D. Stringer, Swiss-Made Heroes: Profiles in Military Leadership. Review by R. Edward Shelor.

Thomas K. McCraw, The Founders and Finance: How Hamilton, Gallatin, and Other Immigrants Forged a New Economy. Review by L.B. (Bud) Kuppenheimer.

S.K. Barker, ed., Revisiting Geneva: Robert Kingdon and the Coming of the French Wars of Religion. Review by Frank J. Smith.

Robert Douglas Smith and Kelly DeVries, The Artillery of the Dukes of Burgundy, 1363-1477. Review by Kelsey Ransick.

February 2013


Daniel J. Tortora, “From Purrysburg to Prosperity on the Southern Frontier: Francis Pelot of South Carolina, 1720-1774.”

Jill Fehleison, “L’Escalade of 1602: History, Myth and Commemoration.”

Robert Sherwood, “Alpine Footballers in the New World: Swiss Influence on Soccer in the United States.”

Lorena Gulino, “From No Man’s Land to the Mosaic Floor: An Autobiographical Sketch of a ‘Secunda.'”

Barbara Ozuna, “Leaving the Alps for the Plains: A Brief Narrative of a Swiss Family’s Migration to Texas.”

Dwight Page, “Film Review: Tim Bevan’s 2012 Production of Leo Tolstoi’s Anna Karenina.”


Ernst Beyeler, Ernst Beyeler: A Passion for Art, Interviews with Christopher Mory. Review by Melissa Renn.

David Greentree and David Campbell, Napoleon’s Swiss Troops. Review by Jeff Washburn.

Mary Ann Hafen, Recollections of a Handcart Pioneer of 1860: A Woman’s Life on the Mormon Frontier. Review by Kurt Winkler.

Benedict von Tscharner, Soldaten: Vielfalt der Schicksale in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Review by Leo Schelbert.

David Birmingham, Switzerland: A Village History. Review by William P. Kladky.

David H. Sutton, Helvetia: The History of a Swiss Village in the Mountains of West Virginia. Review by Christopher Tucker.

November 2012


Kurt Winkler, “Albert Einstein in Switzerland: The Education of the Most Famous Swiss American.”

William E. Herman, “The Ideas of Jean Piaget: Using Theory to Better Understand Theory and Improve Learning.”

Stephen P. Halbrook, “The Swiss Confederation in the Eyes of America’s Founders.”

book Reviews

Arlin C. Migliazzo, To Make This Land Our Own: Community, Identity, and Cultural Adaptation in Purrysburg Township, South Carolina, 1732-1865. Review by Michael Dondzila.

Marc H. Lerner, A Laboratory of Liberty: The Transformation of Political Culture in Republican Switzerland. Review by Martin Kalb.

Jill Fehleison, Boundaries of Faith: Catholics and Protestants in the Diocese of Geneva. Review by Hannah Schultz.

Werner Rothweiler, Magdener Familien 1600-1875 und ihre Stammbaume. Review by Leo Schelbert.

Kurt L. Wyss-Labasque, Paradise Bird in the Golden Cage. Review by Fred Jenny.

Henry Hotze, Three Months in the Confederate Army. Review by Jonathan D. Neu.

June 2012: Special Issue

America Guide by Johann Rudolf Ochs

February 2012


Martha Kümin-Jurt, “Ufnau. An Island in Switzerland’s Lake Zurich—a Hamlet in the American State of Texas.”

Mario Kessler, “Ernst Engelberg: Historian and Anti-Nazi Activist: 1909–2010.”

Laura Fair-Schulz, “Graven Images, Amish Aesthetics, and the ‘Affirmative Lie.'”

Book Reviews

Nicholas Dungan, Gallatin: America’s Swiss Founding Father. Review by Mark G. Spencer.

Christa Landert, Wenn Du absolut nach Amerika willst, so gehe in Gottesnamen! Review by Dwight Page.

Film Review

Axel Fair-Schulz, Valkyrie Re-Considered: Hollywood, Historical Complexity and Popular Culture.

Annual Report

48th Annual Meeting of the Swiss American Historical Society.

November 2011: Special Issue

Adventures in north America Based on my own experiences:

Narrated to His Countrymen by Andreas Hanselmann in Wattwill

June 2011


Albert Winkler, “Henry Wirz and Andersonville: The Career of the Most Controversial Swiss American.”

Brian Wages, “Considering Swiss Neutrality in World War One: Ideas, Successes and Failures.”

Brian Champion, “Heidi and Seek: Cases of Espionage and Covert Operations in Switzerland, 1795-1995.”


Nicholas Dungan, Gallatin: America’s Swiss Founding Father by Nicholas Dungan

Vincent H. Todd, Von Graffenried: Founding of a New Bern. Review by Barry Maxfield.

Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont et al., eds., Jean Piaget and Neuchâtel. Review by Barbaraella Frazier.

February 2011


Albert Winkler, “The Swiss at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, 1876.”

Tony Quinn, “The Ticino Swiss Immigration to California.”

Marilyn Driscoll, “Visitor’s Switzerland in Haiku.”

Roger R. Varin, “Another Swiss Emigré Down South.”


47th Annual Meeting of the Swiss American Historical Society.

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