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Feel free to contact SAHS President Fred Gillespie at with any questions.


2 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Over the past decade or so I’ve written a novel, Martin of Gfenn, which is set in the Canton of Zürich in the mid 1200s, specifically in the are of Dübendorf at the Lazariterkirche im Gfenn. This small chapel was originally part of a community of the Knights of St. Lazarus, the Leper Knights of Jerusalem. The protagonist of the novel is a young artist named Martin who contracts leprosy and is obliged, ultimately, to spend the last years of his life in this community. Here is a link to the blog which contains information about the novel as well as articles about the novel recently published in regional newspapers, the Glattaler and the Zürcher Oberlander.

    The book is as historically accurate as it could possibly be considering that many details of life in the 1200s are unknown. I worked with a Swiss historian once the book was completed (but not “finished”) to be sure I got things right. I wanted it to be something Swiss readers would find interesting and plausible as well American readers finding it so.

    I did not know until literally two days ago that I have Swiss ancestors. A Swiss genealogist contacted me about my novel wanting to pass on information about where to buy the book. His email inspired me to try (again) to trace my grandmother’s lineage and, for the first time, I was able to find the Swiss ancestors I have long felt were back there somewhere. Their name is Schneebeli (Schnebele/Snavely) and they came from Affoltern am Albis in around 1730, landing in Philadelphia.

    I did not know of your organization, either, until today, and I’ll be joining very soon!

    Best regards,

    Martha Kennedy

  2. ajlst21 said:

    We are alive in Pittsburgh!
    Schweizer Männerchor (Helvetia) of Allegheny City Celebrates 140. Anniversary Dinner and Concert


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