The Swiss American Historical Society Review (SAHSR) is published 3 times yearly. The Review is dedicated to articles, reviews, obituaries, and reports dealing with the topics of interest to the Society.

The Review is available online through the America: History and Life Full Text database (subscription required).

A limited number of previous issues of the Review are available for purchase for $5 each. These may be purchased individually via the PayPal link below:

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Issue Number and/or Date

June 2015

Special Issue: “The Swiss in the Civil War”


The American Civil War (1861-1865) in Brief

Swiss Officers and Prominent Personalities

Chronology of the Civil War Including Names of Killed, Wounded, and Captured Swiss Officers

Alphabetical List with Short Biographical Entries


Appendix: John Hitz’s List of 302 Swiss in the Union Army as of 16 April 1863


Diccon Bewes. Slow Train to Switzerland. Review by Robert Sherwood.

Hona Shulman Spaar. Swiss Immigration to Canada. Review by Yves Laberge.

Archives 2011-present


1 thought on “Review”

  1. Our library is interested in purchasing several back issues of the Swiss American Historical Society Review. Do you have the following:

    Volume 33, #3 (1997)
    Volume 50, #2-3 (2014)
    Volume 51, #1-4 (2015)

    Thank you.

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