February 2013


Daniel J. Tortora, “From Purrysburg to Prosperity on the Southern Frontier: Francis Pelot of South Carolina, 1720-1774.”

Jill Fehleison, “L’Escalade of 1602: History, Myth and Commemoration.”

Robert Sherwood, “Alpine Footballers in the New World: Swiss Influence on Soccer in the United States.”

Lorena Gulino, “From No Man’s Land to the Mosaic Floor: An Autobiographical Sketch of a ‘Secunda.'”

Barbara Ozuna, “Leaving the Alps for the Plains: A Brief Narrative of a Swiss Family’s Migration to Texas.”

Dwight Page, “Film Review: Tim Bevan’s 2012 Production of Leo Tolstoi’s Anna Karenina.”


Ernst Beyeler, Ernst Beyeler: A Passion for Art, Interviews with Christopher Mory. Review by Melissa Renn.

David Greentree and David Campbell, Napoleon’s Swiss Troops. Review by Jeff Washburn.

Mary Ann Hafen, Recollections of a Handcart Pioneer of 1860: A Woman’s Life on the Mormon Frontier. Review by Kurt Winkler.

Benedict von Tscharner, Soldaten: Vielfalt der Schicksale in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Review by Leo Schelbert.

David Birmingham, Switzerland: A Village History. Review by William P. Kladky.

David H. Sutton, Helvetia: The History of a Swiss Village in the Mountains of West Virginia. Review by Christopher Tucker.

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