February 2015


Della Clason Sperling, “The Legacy of Ferdinand A. Brader (Swiss, 1833-1901).”

Marsha R. Robinson, “The Unfinished Project of J.J. Bachofen and the Gender Wars on the Home Front.”

Samuel J. Youngs, “Nature, Gnade, und ‘Nein!’ Karl Barthj and Emil Brunner: Swiss Theologians in Conflict”

Dwight Page, “A Brief History of the Relationship between the Royal House of Habsburg and the Swiss Confederation.”

Marianne Burkhard, OSB, JCL, “History Seen through Multiple Lenses: Leo Schelbert’s Contributions to the Swiss American Historical Society.”


Kathleen Wieschaus-Voss. The Legacy of Ferdinand A. Brader. Review by Leo Schelbert.

Jean-Marc Berthoud. Pierre Viret: A Forgotten Giant of the Reformation: The Apologetics, Ethics and Economics of the Bible. Review by Hannah Schultz and Roger Schultz.

R.A. Sheats. Pierre Viret: The Angel of the Reformation. Reviewed by Hannah Schultz and Roger Schultz.

Fahrid Vladi. Swiss and Alpine Islands. Reviewed by Robert Sherwood.

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