June 2014


Paul Hostettler, “The Use of the Terms Piemontese, Waldenses, and Exiles in the Bernese Council Manuals of the Seventeenth Century.”

Kurt Winkler, “Fritz Zwicky and the Search for Dark Matter.”

Heidi Gander-Wolf, “Once a Swiss Winegrower Colony Named CHABAG in Russia, Now a Modern Winegrower Center Called SHABO in the Ukraine.”

Dwight Page, “The 2013 Swiss Referendum on Executive Salary CAPS, and the Swiss response to the Current Global Economic Crisis.”


Clive H. Church and Randolph Head, A Concise History of Switzerland. Review by Robert Sherwood.

Hunt Janin, with Ursula Carlson, Mercenaries in Medieval and Renaissance Europe. Review by William John Shepherd.

Ralph Weaver, Three Weeks in November: A Military History of the Swiss Civil War of 1847. Review by Kevin Cronin.

Cedric Humair, 1848: La Naissance de la Suisse morderne. Review by Dwight Page.

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