November 2012


Kurt Winkler, “Albert Einstein in Switzerland: The Education of the Most Famous Swiss American.”

William E. Herman, “The Ideas of Jean Piaget: Using Theory to Better Understand Theory and Improve Learning.”

Stephen P. Halbrook, “The Swiss Confederation in the Eyes of America’s Founders.”


Arlin C. Migliazzo, To Make This Land Our Own: Community, Identity, and Cultural Adaptation in Purrysburg Township, South Carolina, 1732-1865. Review by Michael Dondzila.

Marc H. Lerner, A Laboratory of Liberty: The Transformation of Political Culture in Republican Switzerland. Review by Martin Kalb.

Jill Fehleison, Boundaries of Faith: Catholics and Protestants in the Diocese of Geneva. Review by Hannah Schultz.

Werner Rothweiler, Magdener Familien 1600-1875 und ihre Stammbaume. Review by Leo Schelbert.

Kurt L. Wyss-Labasque, Paradise Bird in the Golden Cage. Review by Fred Jenny.

Henry Hotze, Three Months in the Confederate Army. Review by Jonathan D. Neu.

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